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Alasdair Macleod’s Market Report: Precious Metals Consolidate

Posted: 17 Jul 2016 09:00 AM PDT

By any past measure, the futures market is wildly overbought. But will the speculating bulls win out this time? There is a very good chance they will, but the danger of a market drifting lower while the bullion banks close their shorts is significant.   Lowest Priced Silver Eagles From Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney: Following the […]

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Gold’s Record Selling Overhang

Posted: 16 Jul 2016 09:01 PM PDT

Gold's mighty new bull market this year has been amazing, the result of heavy buying by investors and speculators alike.  But these latter traders have pumped so much capital into gold futures that this metal now faces a record selling overhang.  Since the hyper-leveraged nature of futures trading demands an ultra-short-term focus, speculators' excessive bullish […]

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Breaking News And Best Of The Web

Posted: 16 Jul 2016 06:44 PM PDT

Attempted coup fails in Turkey. Stocks recover on promise of massive new stimulus from Japan and UK and suspiciously good growth numbers from US and China. Gold corrects and interest rates rise. Banks report pretty good earnings, trucking firms and oil companies not so much. Another big terrorist attack in France. UK Conservative party chooses […]

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12 astonishing things about gold

Posted: 16 Jul 2016 03:00 PM PDT

Perth Mint Blog

Ups and Downs in Oil and Gold

Posted: 16 Jul 2016 01:00 AM PDT

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts a major buy signal in oil and a possible correction in gold.

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