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Mark Levin Delivers DEVASTATING PROOF That Obama Spied On Trump Campaign: “The Evidence Is Overwhelming…Six Federal Agencies Involved”

Posted: 05 Mar 2017 12:00 PM PST

This is not about President Trump's tweeting… This is About Obama's Spying… And the question isn't whether it spied… it's the extent of the spying… The Evidence is Simply Undeniable and Lays Out a DEVASTATING CASE Against Barack Obama:   From Mac Slavo: The left-leaning mainstream media has spent the last 24 hours marginilizing yesterday's Tweets from […]

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Has The Worm Turned? – Ted Butler

Posted: 05 Mar 2017 10:42 AM PST

This Could Amount to No Less Than the GAME-CHANGER in Silver (and gold):   By Ted Butler: A timely question from a long-time subscriber resulted in crystalizing an idea that was on the distant periphery of my conscious thought. The great thing about the idea is that it fully incorporates all the data points up until […]

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NO WONDER We Had A Gold & Silver Raid! – Harvey Organ

Posted: 05 Mar 2017 07:40 AM PST


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Breaking News And Best Of The Web

Posted: 05 Mar 2017 01:37 AM PST

US stocks finish the week just below record levels. Gold and silver down from multi-week highs. Bitcoin now higher than gold. Fed expected to raise rates at next meeting. Trump budget to increase defense, cut EPA, State. Trump’s secretary of state forced to recuse himself from Russia investigation.   Best Of The Web Reality vs. […]

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The Deep State’s Gold Scam

Posted: 04 Mar 2017 09:01 PM PST

This price pummeling [of gold and silver this week] is absolutely state-of-the-art Psy-Op…managed by the Fed and Bank State, using the most sophisticated techniques developed over decades by the CIA and related agencies.   By Stewart Dougherty: To me, what's really going on needs to be explained to people or they are going to completely give […]

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What This Woman Was Shown About The Future Of The United States Will Shake You To Your Core

Posted: 04 Mar 2017 03:06 PM PST

“Prepare your houses. Prepare your hearts, for the End is Upon You…”   From Michael Snyder: Judgment is coming to America Very Soon. Recently, Julie Whedbee was shown what life will be like for believers in the United States during the Tribulation. She has been having dreams and visions for over 20 years, and she […]

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“The Abyss Has Opened”: London Trader Dissects 150 MILLION OZ Silver Massacre

Posted: 04 Mar 2017 03:05 PM PST

From A Wholesale Market Perspective, the Paper Markets Are Clearly Broken, An ABYSS Has Appeared Between the Paper & Physical Markets. A RESET Is Approaching…   –> Download Andrew Maguire Mp3 <– Buy 90% Junk Silver Bags at the Best Price Online! Just $0.99/oz Over Spot!

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“GAME OVER”: 150 Million Oz Silver Takedown “Just Ended Their Own Game” -Holter

Posted: 03 Mar 2017 04:48 PM PST

What you just witnessed was an act of Total Desperation. "They" have absolutely tipped their hand and done something so obvious and egregious that they have probably ended their own "game". "GAME OVER" Has Arrived… From Bill Holter, JSMineset: I thought I would put today in perspective for those throwing in the towel on gold […]

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Chevrier Gold Project: A New District-Scale Start with Lots of Upside for Genesis Metals

Posted: 24 Feb 2017 12:00 AM PST

The Critical Investor takes an in-depth look at Genesis Metals, which is developing a new geologic model for its 100%-owned flagship Chevrier Gold deposit in Quebec.

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Greg Weldon Analyzes Gold, Silver, Currencies & More

Posted: 23 Feb 2017 04:45 PM PST

Listen Here....

TDG podcast_Image


Gregory Thomas Weldon is in his 31st year observing and analyzing the global financial markets. 

His pedigree includes a trial-by-fire introduction to the industry spending three-years as the point-man in the COMEX Gold and Silver pits for one of the largest COMEX Gold and Silver floor brokers of the 1970’s and 80’s, Stanley B. Bell and Company. 

He left the floor upon the introduction of US stock index futures and international bond futures markets in Europe, and went to work as an institutional broker for Lehman Brothers. 

It was at Lehman where Greg met broker-turned-trader Louis Moore Bacon and shortly thereafter left Lehman when Moore Capital was formed. At Moore, under the tutelage of Louis and Zack Bacon, Greg really honed his skills as a trader, purveyor of macro-markets and portfolio-risk manager. 

After profitably managing ‘in-house’ money at Moore Capital, Greg made the move to the birthplace of many great traders of that era including Louis Bacon’s mentor, Paul Tudor Jones, Commodities Corporation, where he spent two years as one of the firm’s top performing risk-adjusted traders. 

When Goldman Sachs bought out the partnership of Commodities Corporation in 1997, Greg started Weldon Financial, and launched “Weldon’s Money Monitor”, and “The Metal Monitor”, products that have more recently evolved into the all-encompassing “WeldonLIVE (with TradeLAB).” Greg has successfully navigated some of the most treacherous markets in history, most often guiding clients into macro-market trends and profitable trading strategies, repeatedly, year-after-year, over the 18-year history of producing top-shelf, thought provoking, global-macro market research. 

Indeed, Greg authored the book “Gold Trading Boot Camp”, published in November of 2006, in which he very accurately predicted that the US credit markets would implode, that the Fed would purchase trillions of dollars of US government debt, and that Gold prices would more than double from their then-level of $550 per ounce. In fact, most everything Greg predicted would happen happened. Moreover, “Gold Trading Boot Camp” is also a “how-to” manual offering insights into the ‘job’ of trading the futures markets. 

Greg has appeared on most every financial-focused television channel, and has been a regular in the past on several specific financial market television shows. Greg does the occasional radio interview, and offers customized, in-depth, comprehensive financial market conference presentations and speeches that leave his audience abuzz with a feeling of high-energy, and an abundance of factual information. 


Greg’s Website & Subscription Information

Weldon Live Subscription Information

Twitter: @WeldonLive


Gold Price Tests Brexit Low

Posted: 23 Feb 2017 12:03 PM PST

Flash Update Covering Gold, Gold Stocks and Three Juniors

Posted: 23 Feb 2017 09:00 AM PST

Wednesday evening we emailed a 5-page flash update to subscribers.

It covered our thoughts on Gold, key levels in GDX and GDXJ as well as three juniors. One junior is a long-term consolidation play in a hot district while one is a takeover target in an emerging district. The third remains very cheap despite recent upside in the share price.

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Gold trading ‘as a stock’ following likely deferral of interest rate hike

Posted: 23 Feb 2017 08:22 AM PST

The gold price received a significant boost on Thursday following the release of Fed minutes suggesting a US interest rate hike was likely in summer (June or August) rather than spring (March). This...

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More Failures of GAN2017

Posted: 23 Feb 2017 07:36 AM PST

Another Happy Thursday as comments by the new SecTreas of the US has caused a selloff in both the POSX and USDJPY. This has led to strong buying of Comex Digital Gold and price has just tapped the $1250 level for the first time since the huge, post-election smashdown of November 11 last year.

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