Sunday, November 6, 2016

Gold World News Flash

Gold World News Flash

Markets Not Much Action but Don’t Get Careless

Posted: 06 Nov 2016 12:43 AM PDT

The payrolls report came in pretty much as expected and thus seems to be a non-event for the most part. The Dollar is slightly weaker, bonds are higher, oil is lower and gold is a tad higher. Mining shares are showing weakness today. I honestly do not think we are going to get much in the way of any CONSISTENT direction in these major markets ( with the exception of crude oil) until after the election results become clear.

A Most Important Gold Ratio Chart…

Posted: 06 Nov 2016 12:29 AM PDT

Tonight is a good night to post one of the ratio combo charts we’ve been following for a very long time , which compares the TLT:GLD ratio to the GLD. Below the ratio chart is a ten year weekly bar chart for GLD. There are many ways to analyze a ratio combo chart like this which can help one look for the intermediate to longer term trends.

US Election Uncertainty Now Influencing Gold & Silver Prices

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 11:46 PM PDT

Most of us consider this year’s presidential election as the wildest and most unpredictable we’ve ever seen, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the markets. Gold and silver spent most of the past three weeks going nowhere fast. Between Oct. 6th and Oct. 27th silver traded within ten cents of $17.60/oz. – an extraordinarily tight range. Precious metals generally thrive on uncertainty, but the markets have been unfazed and instead have appeared to be paralyzed.

BOOM: Hillary Clinton "BUSTED RIGGING ELECTION" See Her Evil Plan For Florida!

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 08:00 PM PDT

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Just Got Busted Rigging Election! See Her Evil Plan For Florida! How many other Polling Stations Naationwide is this happening at? The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative...

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Huge Nuclear Bomb From FBI: Even If She Wins, She Is Still Going To Jail !!!

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 07:00 PM PDT

 Huge Nuclear Bomb From FBI: Even If She Wins, She Is Still Going To Jail !!!- FBI comment regarding Hillary Clinton. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers ,...

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Julian Assange's Most Incendiary Interview: "Hillary Clinton Is The Central Cog Of The Establishment"

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 06:18 PM PDT

In what may be his most provocative and incendiary interview ever given, Wikileaks founder and whistleblower Julian Assange - who realizes that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency his prospects turn even more bleak - spoke to Australian journalist and documentary maker John Pilger, and summaraized what he has gleaned from the tens of thousands of Clinton emails released by WikiLeaks this year in the following interview courtesy of RT and Dartmouth films.

John Pilger, another Australian émigré, conducted the 25-minute interview at the Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange has been trapped since 2012 for fear of extradition to the US. Last month, Assange had his internet access cut off for alleged "interference" in the American presidential election through the work of his website. 

Full interview transcript below:

'Clinton made FBI look weak, now there is anger' 

John Pilger: What's the significance of the FBI's intervention in these last days of the U.S. election campaign, in the case against Hillary Clinton? 

Julian Assange: If you look at the history of the FBI, it has become effectively America's political police. The FBI demonstrated this by taking down the former head of the CIA [General David Petraeus] over classified information given to his mistress. Almost no-one is untouchable.  The FBI is always trying to demonstrate that no-one can resist us.  But Hillary Clinton very conspicuously resisted the FBI's investigation, so there's anger within the FBI because it made the FBI look weak.  We've published about 33,000 of Clinton's emails when she was Secretary of State.  They come from a batch of just over 60,000 emails, [of which] Clinton has kept about half – 30,000 -- to herself, and we've published about half.

Then there are the Podesta emails we've been publishing.  [John] Podesta is Hillary Clinton's primary campaign manager, so there's a thread that runs through all these emails; there are quite a lot of pay-for-play, as they call it, giving access in exchange for money to states, individuals and corporations. [These emails are] combined with the cover up of the Hillary Clinton emails when she was Secretary of State, [which] has led to an environment where the pressure on the FBI increases. 

* * *

'Russian government not the source of Clinton leaks'

JP: The Clinton campaign has said that Russia is behind all of this, that Russia has manipulated the campaign and is the source for WikiLeaks and its emails. 

JA: The Clinton camp has been able to project that kind of neo-McCarthy hysteria: that Russia is responsible for everything.  Hilary Clinton stated multiple times, falsely, that seventeen U.S. intelligence agencies had assessed that Russia was the source of our publications. That is false; we can say that the Russian government is not the source.

WikiLeaks has been publishing for ten years, and in those ten years, we have published ten million documents, several thousand individual publications, several thousand different sources, and we have never got it wrong. 

* * *

'Saudi Arabia & Qatar funding ISIS and Clinton'

JP: The emails that give evidence of access for money and how Hillary Clinton herself benefited from this and how she is benefitting politically, are quite extraordinary. I'm thinking of  when the Qatari representative was given five minutes with Bill Clinton for a million dollar cheque.

JA: And twelve million dollars from Morocco …

JP: Twelve million from Morocco yeah.

JA: For Hillary Clinton to attend [a party].

JP: In terms of the foreign policy of the United States, that's where the emails are most revealing, where they show the direct connection between Hillary Clinton and the foundation of jihadism, of ISIL, in the Middle East.  Can you talk about how the emails demonstrate the connection between those who are meant to be fighting the jihadists of ISIL, are actually those who have helped create it.

JA: There's an early 2014 email from Hillary Clinton, not so long after she left the State Department, to her campaign manager John Podesta that states ISIL is funded by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  Now this is the most significant email in the whole collection, and perhaps because Saudi and Qatari money is spread all over the Clinton Foundation.  Even the U.S. government agrees that some Saudi figures have been supporting ISIL, or ISIS. But the dodge has always been that, well it's just some rogue Princes, using their cut of the oil money to do whatever they like, but actually the government disapproves.

But that email says that no, it is the governments of Saudi and  Qatar that have been funding ISIS.

JP: The Saudis, the Qataris, the Moroccans, the Bahrainis, particularly the Saudis and the Qataris, are giving all this money to the Clinton Foundation while Hilary Clinton is Secretary of State and the State Department is approving massive arms sales, particularly to Saudi Arabia.

JA: Under Hillary Clinton, the world's largest ever arms deal was made with Saudi Arabia, [worth] more than $80 billion.  In fact, during her tenure as Secretary of State, total arms exports from the United States in terms of the dollar value, doubled.

JP: Of course the consequence of that is that the notorious terrorist group called ISIl or ISIS is created largely with money from the very people who are giving money to the Clinton Foundation.

JA: Yes.

JP:That's extraordinary. 

* * *

'Clinton has been eaten alive by her ambition'

JA: I actually feel quite sorry for Hillary Clinton as a person because I see someone who is eaten alive by their ambitions,  tormented literally to the point where they become sick; they faint as a result of [the reaction] to their ambitions. She represents a whole network of people and a network of relationships with particular states.  The question is how does Hilary Clinton fit in this broader network?  She's a centralising cog. You've got a lot of different gears in operation from the big banks like Goldman Sachs and major elements of Wall Street, and Intelligence and people in the State Department and the Saudis.

She's the centraliser that inter-connects all these different cogs.  She's the smooth central representation of all that, and 'all that' is more or less what is in power now in the United States. It's what we call the establishment or the DC consensus. One of the more significant Podesta emails that we released was about how the Obama cabinet was formed and how half the Obama cabinet was basically nominated by a representative from Citi Bank. This is quite amazing. 

JP: Didn't Citibank supply a list …. ?

JA: Yes.

JP: … which turned out to be most of the Obama cabinet.

JA: Yes.

JP: So Wall Street decides the cabinet of the President of the United States?

JA: If you were following the Obama campaign back then, closely, you could see it had become very close to banking interests. So I think you can't properly understand Hillary Clinton's foreign policy without understanding Saudi Arabia.  The connections with Saudi Arabia are so intimate.

* * *

'Libya is Hillary Clinton's war'

JP: Why was she so demonstrably enthusiastic about the destruction of Libya? Can you talk a little about just what the emails have told us – told you – about what happened there? Because Libya is such a source for so much of the mayhem now in Syria: the ISIL, jihadism, and so on. And it was almost Hillary Clinton's invasion. What do the emails tell us about that?

JA: Libya, more than anyone else's war, was Hillary Clinton's war. Barak Obama initially opposed it. Who was the person championing it?  Hillary Clinton.  That's documented throughout her emails. She had put her favoured agent, Sidney Blumenthal, on to that; there's more than 1700 emails out of the thirty three thousand Hillary Clinton emails that we've published, just about Libya. It's not that Libya has cheap oil. She perceived the removal of Gaddafi and the overthrow of the Libyan state -- something that she would use in her run-up to the general election for President.

So in late 2011 there is an internal document called the Libya Tick Tock that was produced for Hillary Clinton, and it's the chronological description of how she was the central figure in the destruction of the Libyan state, which resulted in around 40,000 deaths within Libya; jihadists moved in, ISIS moved in, leading to the European refugee and migrant crisis.

Not only did you have people fleeing Libya, people fleeing Syria, the destabilisation of other African countries as a result of arms flows, but the Libyan state itself err was no longer able to control the movement of people through it. Libya faces along to the Mediterranean and had been effectively the cork in the bottle of Africa. So all problems, economic problems and civil war in Africa -- previously people fleeing those problems didn't end up in Europe because Libya policed the Mediterranean. That was said explicitly at the time, back in early 2011 by Gaddafi:  'What do these Europeans think they're doing, trying to bomb and destroy the Libyan State? There's going to be floods of migrants out of Africa and jihadists into Europe, and this is exactly what happened.

* * *

'Trump won't be permitted to win'

JP: You get complaints from people saying, 'What is WikiLeaks doing?  Are they trying to put Trump in the Whitehouse?'

JA: My answer is that Trump would not be permitted to win. Why do I say that?  Because he's had every establishment off side; Trump doesn't have one establishment, maybe with the exception of the Evangelicals, if you can call them an establishment, but banks, intelligence [agencies], arms companies... big foreign money … are all united behind Hillary Clinton, and the media as well, media owners and even journalists themselves.

JP: There is the accusation that WikiLeaks is in league with the Russians. Some people say, 'Well, why doesn't WikiLeaks investigate and publish emails on Russia?'

JA: We have published about 800,000 documents of various kinds that relate to Russia. Most of those are critical; and a great many books have come out of our publications about Russia, most of which are critical. Our [Russia]documents have gone on to be used in quite a number of court cases: refugee cases of people fleeing some kind of claimed political persecution in Russia, which they use our documents to back up.

JP: Do you yourself take a view of the U.S. election?  Do you have a preference for Clinton or Trump?

JA: [Let's talk about] Donald Trump. What does he represent in the American mind and in the European mind?  He represents American white trash, [which Hillary Clinton called] 'deplorable and irredeemable'.  It means from an establishment or educated cosmopolitan, urbane perspective, these people are like the red necks, and you can never deal with them.  Because he so clearly -- through his words and actions and the type of people that turn up at his rallies -- represents people who are not the middle, not the upper middle educated class, there is a fear of seeming to be associated in any way with them, a social fear that lowers the class status of anyone who can be accused of somehow assisting Trump in any way, including any criticism of Hillary Clinton. If you look at how the middle class gains its economic and social power, that makes absolute sense.

* * *

'US attempting to squeeze WikiLeaks through my refugee status'

JP: I'd like to talk about Ecuador, the small country that has given you refuge and [political asylum] in this embassy in London.  Now Ecuador has cut off the internet from here where we're doing this interview, in the Embassy, for the clearly obvious reason that they are concerned about appearing to intervene in the U.S. election campaign.  Can you talk about why they would take that action and your own views on Ecuador's support for you?

JA: Let's let go back four years.  I made an asylum application to Ecuador in this embassy, because of the U.S. extradition case, and the result was that after a month, I was successful in my asylum application. The embassy since then has been surrounded by police: quite an expensive police operation which the British government admits to spending more than £12.6 million. They admitted that over a year ago.  Now there's undercover police and there are robot surveillance cameras of various kinds -- so that there has been quite a serious conflict right here in the heart of London between Ecuador, a country of sixteen million people, and the United Kingdom, and the Americans who have been helping on the side.  So that was a brave and principled thing for Ecuador to do. Now we have the U.S. election [campaign], the Ecuadorian election is in February next year, and you have the White House feeling the political heat as a result of the true information that we have been publishing.

WikiLeaks does not publish from the jurisdiction of Ecuador, from this embassy or in the territory of Ecuador; we publish from France, we publish from, from Germany, we publish from The Netherlands and from a number of other countries, so that the attempted squeeze on WikiLeaks is through my refugee status; and this is, this is really intolerable. [It means] that [they] are trying to get at a publishing organisation; [they] try and prevent it from publishing true information that is of intense interest to the American people and others about an election.

JP: Tell us what would happen if you walked out of this embassy.

JA: I would be immediately arrested by the British police and I would then be extradited either immediately to the United States or to Sweden. In Sweden I am not charged, I have already been previously cleared [by the Senior Stockholm Prosecutor Eva Finne]. We were not certain exactly what would happen there, but then we know that the Swedish government has refused to say that they will not extradite me to the United States we know they have extradited 100 per cent of people whom the U.S. has requested since at least 2000.  So over the last fifteen years, every single person the U.S. has tried to extradite from Sweden has been extradited, and they refuse to provide a guarantee [that won't happen].

JP: People often ask me how you cope with the isolation in here. 

JA: Look, one of the best attributes of human beings is that they're adaptable; one of the worst attributes of human beings is they are adaptable.  They adapt and start to tolerate abuses, they adapt to being involved themselves in abuses, they adapt to adversity and they continue on. So in my situation, frankly, I'm a bit institutionalised -- this [the embassy] is the world .. it's visually the world [for me].

JP: It's the world without sunlight, for one thing, isn't it?

JA: It's the world without sunlight, but I haven't seen sunlight in so long, I don't remember it.

JP: Yes.

JA: So , yes, you adapt.  The one real irritant is that my young children -- they also adapt. They adapt to being without their father. That's a hard, hard adaption which they didn't ask for.

JP: Do you worry about them?

JA: Yes, I worry about them; I worry about their mother.

* * *

'I am innocent and in arbitrary detention'

JP: Some people would say, 'Well, why don't you end it and simply walk out the door and allow yourself to be extradited to Sweden?'

JA: The U.N. [the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention] has looked into this whole situation. They spent eighteen months in formal, adversarial litigation. [So it's] me and the U.N. verses Sweden and the U.K.  Who's right?  The U.N. made a conclusion that I am being arbitrarily detained illegally, deprived of my freedom and that what has occurred has not occurred within the laws that the United Kingdom and Sweden, and that [those countries] must obey. It is an illegal abuse.  It is the United Nations formally asking, 'What's going on here?  What is your legal explanation for this? [Assange] says that you should recognise his asylum.' [And here is]

Sweden formally writing back to the United Nations to say, 'No, we're not going to [recognise the UN ruling], so leaving open their ability to extradite.

I just find it absolutely amazing that the narrative about this situation is not put out publically in the press, because it doesn't suit the Western establishment narrative -- that yes, the West has political prisoners, it's a reality, it's not just me, there's a bunch of other people as well.  The West has political prisoners. Of course, no state accepts [that it should call] the people it is imprisoning or detaining for political reasons, political prisoners. They don't call them political prisoners in China, they don't call them political prisoners in Azerbaijan and they don't call them political prisoners in the United States, U.K. or Sweden; it is absolutely intolerable to have that kind of self-perception.

JA: Here we have a case, the Swedish case, where I have never been charged with a crime, where I have already been cleared [by the Stockholm prosecutor] and found to be innocent, where the woman herself said that the police made it up, where the United Nations formally said the whole thing is illegal, where the State of Ecuador also investigated and found that I should be given asylum.  Those are the facts, but what is the rhetoric? 

JP: Yes, it's different.

JA: The rhetoric is pretending, constantly pretending that I have been charged with a crime, and never mentioning that I have been already previously cleared, never mentioning that the woman herself says that the police made it up.

[The rhetoric] is trying to avoid [the truth that ] the U.N. formally found that the whole thing is illegal, never even mentioning that Ecuador made a formal assessment through its formal processes and found that yes, I am subject to persecution by the United States.

Anonymous - Hillary Clinton UNDENIABLE ties to TERRORISTS 2016

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 06:00 PM PDT

 Anonymous - Hillary Clinton UNDENIABLE ties to TERRORISTS 2016 Huma Abedin The truth about Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma AbedinWe are Anonymous.We are Legion.We do not forgive.We do not forget.Expect us. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts ,...

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PETER SCHIFF Trumps Very Massive Recession May Have Already Begun

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 05:30 PM PDT

PETER SCHIFF Trumps Very Massive Recession May Have Already Begun The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

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Preppers Stockpile Survival Food On Fears Of Post-Election Chaos

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 04:50 PM PDT

The 2016 election year is bringing out the worst among some elements of society. From vandalism to physical assaults to large scale race riots to terrorist bombings and mall stabbings, STHFPlan's Stefan Gleason notes that social disorder has become a more prominent feature of life in a polarized America.

It’s easy (and politically convenient) for the establishment media to blame Donald Trump for inflaming the political divide. In reality, Trump supporters have far more often been the victims rather than the instigators of political violence.


Moreover, the forces driving social unrest have been building for years. Surveys show that large numbers of Americans – including Republicans and Democrats, blacks and whites – agree that race relations have worsened under President Obama’s watch. The nation’s first half-African president has repeatedly sided with racial agitators and refused to denounce antipolice riots. His attorney general, Loretta Lynch, has given legal legitimacy to vicious racial narratives that have little to no basis in fact.


In addition to leaving the country with fresh new racial wounds, the outgoing Obama administration will leave America with a doubling of the national debt to nearly $20 trillion, a historically low rate of workforce participation, 20 million more people on food stamps, and a shrinking middle class whose earnings aren’t keeping up with surging costs of things like health insurance.


People are frustrated, restless, angry. And officially, we aren’t even in a recession yet. Officially, the inflation rate remains below 2%.


What happens when the economy and stock market start tanking? Or when costs for fuel, food, and other consumer goods start taking off again?

Well, it appears the answer - as so many have already realized - is finally being recognized by the mainstream media as NBC News reports, preppers are running up sales of emergency survival food due to election night doomsday concerns...

While sales for "long term food" typically see an increase around natural disasters and elections, "this is more intense than what we saw in 2012," said Keith Bansemer, VP of marketing for My Patriot Supply, a manufacturer and seller of survival food. During the previous election his company saw sales double. This time it's triple.


"We have everyone we can on the phones," he said. "We are overwhelmed."


Purchases at other long term food supply companies are up as well. Emergency preparedness online store TheEpicenter reports a 6 percent uptick in year over year sales.


What's feeding this new urgency?


Survivalist consumers says they're preparing for post-election unrest that could involve everything from massive riots, to power grid outages, to the total collapse of the financial system where a can of food becomes currency.


And it's not just guys digging a hole on their farm and filling it with MRE's who are driving sales, companies say, but schoolteachers, moms, and successful financial planners. Nor is it limited to just rural areas.

For $2,000 spent at Legacy Foods, you could eat three square meals a day for an entire year. That's 1,080 servings. TheEpicenter has a 14-day supply kit for $235 that's recently been "selling really well," said owner Bryan Nelson. The most popular entry-level seller at My Patriot Supply is a 3-month supply for $497. It comes a in nondescript gray slim line totes bin designed to be easy to stack in the back of a closet or slip under your bed. Big name retailers are in on the game. Costco sells a 1-month supply of 390 servings in plastic gallon buckets for $114.99. Wal-Mart has a bucket deal, too.

As one 41-year-old "urban prepper" from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania predicts, a Trump win will see the urban poor revolting across the nation and the imposition of martial law to quell riots and the burning of businesses.

But he's also getting ready for the possibility of a Clinton victory that he says could lead to conflict with Russia and "World War 3 in 2017."


Either way, Freddy's ready - with both supplies and a word of advice.


"At minimum stock up your cabinets as if you knew a hurricane was coming," he said. "It'll be like a hurricane that could touch every city in America."


"You hear them saying, no matter who wins, I know I could take a positive step myself and secure what's important," he said. "They're securing their food supply."

Simply put, as's Mac Slavo writes, there will come a time when it's too late and you'll be begging to have your old life back...

With the things heating up just days before what is arguably the craziest Presidential election in American history, Joe Joseph weighs in on the latest leaks, the potential for post-election unrest, and looming crisis.

They’re so worried about… ‘maybe at the end of the day I might not be able to sit in my Barca lounger at the end of the night’ or ‘I might not be able to watch that football game on Sunday’… Let me tell you… If things go the way that The Powers That Shouldn’t Be want them, there will be no Barca lounges and there will be no NFL.


So it’s either we do things now while we have the chance… because there will come a time when it’s too late.. and you will be begging to  have your old life back.

And the answer’s going to be, ‘you had the opportunity and now it’s gone.’


There’s a lot of things here in the United States, in the western world and in society that we used to have and used to enjoy… quality of life… the ability to earn a liveable wage… fast evoparting… those used to be a lot more present… people used to be a lot more comfortable..


And it’s just not the case anymore… And it’s only going to get worse…


Unless we the people draw the line in the sand and we stick with it.


Class 8 Truck Orders Continue To Plummet Posting 20th Consecutive Monthly YoY Decline

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 04:20 PM PDT

For months now we have been writing about the massive collapse of class 8 truck orders.  Just a few days ago we pointed out that order declines are coming just as large public trucking companies around the country are being forced to slash fleets amid slumping demand and slack capacity.  According to the Wall Street Journal, several U.S. trucking companies, including Swift, Werner and Covenant, have all been forced to cut 1,000s of trucks from their fleets as "overcapacity has driven down pricing."  Of course, all this means that class 8 truck manufactures are unlikely to see an uptick in new orders anytime in the near future with Werner promising it won't add trucks "until they see meaningful improvement in the freight and rate markets."

"We haven't seen any difficulty in finding trucks," said Ken Forster, chief executive of logistics company Sunteck Transport Group, a broker based in Jacksonville, Fla., that finds and books trucks for freight shippers. "It's clear that overcapacity has driven down pricing."


In quarterly earnings reports this month, Swift Transportation Co., Werner Enterprises Inc. and Covenant Transportation Group Inc. said they have pulled a combined hundreds of trucks from service since the second quarter.


Idling trucks is a way large fleets can quickly reduce capacity to match demand, which has stagnated this year amid uneven retail imports and sluggish growth for manufacturers.


Swift, the country's largest truckload carrier, counted 581 fewer trucks in the third quarter than it did this time last year, and plans to cut an additional 200 trucks in the fourth quarter. The company's fleet tops 19,000 big rigs.


Werner, the fifth-largest U.S. truckload carrier, according to SJ Consulting Group, said it cut its fleet by 240 trucks in the quarter ended Sept. 30 from a year earlier. The company posted a 41% drop in third-quarter net profit, to $18.9 million, and said in its earnings statement that it won't add trucks "until we see meaningful improvement in the freight and rate markets."

Warnings like the one above from Werner do seem to be playing out the monthly net class 8 truck order data.  Net orders for the month of October 2016 were down 46% compared to last yearIn fact, the level of trailing 12-month net orders is the lowest since January 2011 and down 49% from there February peak.

July Class 8 Truck Orders


Moreover, monthly truck orders have now declined YoY for 20 consecutive months.

Class 8 Net Orders


Unfortunately, as BMO's Joel Tiss points out, things are likely to get worse for the class 8 truck OEM's before they get better.  With October net orders "much worse than expected" and build rates at 17-18k units, Tiss expects the total backlog to increase to 81-82k units later this month.  Moreover, Tiss points out that increasing backlog and softening 2016 orders are likely to put further downward pressure on 2017 and 2018 forecasts for the OEMs.

With October builds probably in the 17–18K range, we expect total backlog of 81–82K units when reported later this month. October is a closely watched month for truck demand—historically accounting for about 9% of full-year intake—as OEMs roll out next year's models, and big fleets set budgets and start placing orders. Based on this, and combined with an average 26% increase from September (13.9K units last month) and where levels have been running this year, October's tally is much worse than expected.


ACT's 2016 North American Class-8 outlook calls for a 30% YoY drop in production (227K units vs. 323K in 2015) and 19% lower retail sales (251K vs. 310K in 2015). The 2017 forecast assumes another down year for production and retail sales (-11% and -17%, respectively), with particular weakness in the U.S. For 2018 and 2019, ACT believes the 2017 electronic logging device (ELD) mandate will reduce capacity (5–10% expected) and drive overall industry profits higher, resulting in a solid rebound in truck builds. For 2020, ACT sees a strong pre-buy ahead of the second phase of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards starting in 2021, causing another big drop in production that year (-39% forecast).


With U.S. Class-8-truck demand set to decline another 17% or so in 2017 following a 19% drop this year, we expect to see production cuts that began in 1H16 continue into 2H. Also, we have heard from some large dealers that used-truck inventories remain above optimal levels, weighing on used prices and affecting new trucks as well. The combination of lower production and weaker prices could put more pressure on 2017 and 2018 forecasts.

But, it's probably nothing.

Another Toilet Paper Crisis: Angola's Biggest Oil Firm Can't Even Supply The Basics

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 03:20 PM PDT

It's not just the Venezuelans that are facing a crisis of living standards due to a hyperinflating currency intertwined with the collapse in oil revenues. As's Irina Slav explains, Sonangol, the state oil company of Africa’s current number-one oil producer seems to be in shambles, with the management unable – or unwilling – to pay for washroom supplies, according to employees cited by local media.

Despite becoming China's largest crude oil supplier in recent months, people working for the company, on which their entire country depends, say they are embarrassed that they have to bring their own toilet paper to work (BYOT). The management, however, is spared this embarrassment, they told Maka Angola–a media outlet close to the opposition.

"Every worker has to bring their own toilet paper from home because Sonangol has been unable to pay its suppliers and we have a toilet paper crisis," one official shared.

This management, a whole new one, has at the helm Isabel dos Santos, the billionaire daughter of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. She was appointed by her father to the high seat earlier this year in a surprise reshuffle that saw the previous executive ousted.

When Dos Santos took the helm of Sonangol, she pledged to make the company transparent and to separate its core operations, spinning off the rest to improve focus.

The reshuffle put the company in the spotlight, especially since shortly after the appointment of Dos Santos to the CEO position, the government of Angola canceled talks with the IMF about a US$4.5-billion loan that would have helped it to prop up its oil crisis-battered finances.

Last month, it emerged that Chevron, a long-time partner of Sonangol, is demanding US$300 million in a debt repayment, threatening to otherwise end the relationship. Soon after this, Sonangol announced it had agreed to a debt payment of US$200 million, without mentioning the name of the receiver, adding that a plan is in place for the remainder of the sum.

Meanwhile, Angola’s Supreme Court is probing the younger Dos Santos’ appointment. The probe was launched after a group of 14 lawyers filed a case that accused the President of nepotism and breaching the country’s probity legislation.

The Sonangol employee who talked to Maka Angola said that “The former administration 'ate' well. Now I suppose it's the turn of the new administration.”

A Whatsapp group has been formed to discuss the issue, naming itself “There is no toilet paper.”

Trump supporters want lobbyists out of D.C.

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 02:30 PM PDT

 Why are people excited about Trump? FBN's Adam Shapiro reports from the Trump rally in Tampa, Florida. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and...

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The Politics of Rage -- Max Keiser

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 02:00 PM PDT

 In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss 'the politics of rage.' In the second half, Max interviews author, Charles Hugh Smith, about the ungovernable economy and population in America. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts ,...

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VOTER FRAUD HAPPENING NOW IN FLORIDA! 10000 Illegal Hillary Clinton Votes Counted in Broward County!

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 01:30 PM PDT

 VOTER FRAUD HAPPENING NOW IN FLORIDA! 10000 Ineligible Illegal Hillary Clinton Votes Already Counted! Leaked Video Shows Tens of Thousands of Ineligible Hillary Clinton Votes Counted! Share to Help End This Political Corruption!Today USA Politics The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse...

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Anonymous: Have The Emails Been Recovered ?

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 01:00 PM PDT

 We Are Anonymous.We Are Legion.We Do Not Forgive.We Do Not Forget.United As One. Divided By Zero. Expect Us. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and...

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Posted: 05 Nov 2016 12:30 PM PDT

PETER SCHIFF AMERİCAN ARMAGEDDON INEVITABLE The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

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Huma Is Talking About Hillary, FBI Found Classified Emails - What Really Happened (FULL SHOW)

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 12:00 PM PDT

 Headlines today are the classified information on Anthony Weiner's laptop among the 650 000 emails (many of them new) and Huma Abedin supposedly having flipped on Hillary Clinton and working with the FBI to put her away for life. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks...

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Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Tampa, FL 11/5/16

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 11:30 AM PDT

 Saturday, November 5, 2016: Live stream coverage of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Tampa, FL at the Florida State Fairgrounds in the Special Events Center at 10:00 AM ET. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists ,...

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LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Wilmington, NC 11/5/16

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 10:26 AM PDT

 Saturday, November 5, 2016: Live streaming coverage of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Wlmington, NC at the Wilmington International Airport at 1:00 PM ET. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free...

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Five Financial Charts You Need To Watch: Gold, China and More

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 07:42 AM PDT

This post Five Financial Charts You Need To Watch: Gold, China and More appeared first on Daily Reckoning.

Here are your top 5 financial charts to cap off the week that include Gold, China and more.

Let's get the graphs rolling out…

Gold Futures Score Fourth Weekly Gain In A Row (MarketWatch)

God October

Sourced via MarketWatch

The truth is in the chart. Uncertainty is good for gold. The election is good for gold. As MarketWatch referenced, "'Gold is focusing on the election and less on a December hike only because volatility following the election could potentially put the Fed on hold' said Bill Baruch, chief market strategist at iiTrader." This chart indicates that the closer to election we get, regardless of Fed positioning or even who wins, gold stands to have attractive potential.

To read the full article click here.

The Market’s $50 Trillion Safety Net (Bloomberg)

$50 trillion investors worldwide

Sourced via Bloomberg

While cash can act as a safety barrier in unsavory market environments, it is also a considerable indicator of timid money holders.  But $50 trillion is a large sum to be insecure about.  This massive amount highlights exactly how investors must be feeling. As Lisa Abramowicz reported in Bloomberg, "That’s almost three times the annual economic output of the U.S., the world’s biggest economy. It’s more than twice as much as the balance sheets of all the biggest central banks combined. If even a fraction of this cash starts to move into stocks, bonds or other assets, it could have a significant effect."

To read the full article click here.

China Targets Europe (World Economic Forum)

eu china foreign investment

Sourced via WEF

Zhang Monan, a fellow of the China Information Center, reports that, "As it stands, there is far less direct investment between China and the EU than there is between China and its other large trading partners, including the US and Brazil."  This trend further confirms the once solitary Asian powerhouse shifting outwards, seeking to further its global influence. After joining the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) special drawing rights (SDR), or "word money" basket, China continues to be on the move – and that is important to keep watch of.

To read the full article click here.

Election Causing Sleep Loss (Wall Street Journal)

election sleep loss

Sourced via WSJ

Trouble sleeping? If you are in one of these states, chances are you are not alone – and election woes could be triggering it.  As the Wall Street Journal reported, the first presidential debate in September saw significant disruption in people's sleep patterns.  Interestingly, the east coast of the US (an area filled with swing states) experienced an even greater amount of sleep loss than others.  The measurement was taken by Fitbit and other wearable technology companies that have aggregate data on sleep patterns for those that wear their device while sleeping.  If the first debate had sleep disruption, November 8th can't be looking any better.

To read the full article click here.

Multiple Jobholders Hits 21st Century High, As Full-Time Jobs Tumble (ZeroHedge)

US Economy multiple jobholders

Sourced via ZeroHedge and BLS

As the unabated ZeroHedge writer Tyler Durden noted on the lackluster numbers, "This begs the question how many of the 161K jobs “added” were double counted as a result of the ongoing rise in the number of multiple jobholders. So yes: overall job growth continues to chug along – and paradoxically wages continue to grow – if at a modestly disappointing pace at least in October, but the quality of the added jobs remains woeful."  As a Daily Reckoning reader, you are likely already skeptical of any jobs figures released.  The latest numbers only confirm any lingering doubt.

To read the full article click here.

For Fun

Poll: Voters Believe Media More Likely Than Russia To Hack Election (Washington Post)

US election hacking media

Sourced by Suffolk University/USA Today via WaPo

According to recent polling from a Suffolk University/USA Today release, the general electorate believes that the media is more likely than Russian hackers to fix the election. The data finds that within those surveyed a sentiment that "the political establishment" was the second "most-suspected" group to tamper the election. November 9th could prove as interesting to watch as November 8th.

To read the full article click here.

No Tricks, Just Treats (Bloomberg)

US consumer spending candy

Source via BBG

To leave you with a little sweet financial charts news. The halloween numbers are in. Turns out, candy sales in October did exceptionally well.

To read the full article click here.

Until next week (and the post-election noise),


Craig Wilson, @craig_wilson7
for The Daily Reckoning

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The post Five Financial Charts You Need To Watch: Gold, China and More appeared first on Daily Reckoning.

Breaking News And Best Of The Web

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 02:37 AM PDT

October jobs growth disappoints but wages rise. Auto sales slip. US GDP, consumer spending up strongly, will be revised downward after the election. Global stocks down on interest rate, election, strong dollar fears. FBI probing new Clinton emails, polls tightening.   Best Of The Web The clear and present danger list for the week ending […]

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More Weakness Ahead for Gold Stocks

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 01:38 AM PDT

The gold stocks continue to correct their epic +150% rebound that began in January and ran into the summer. Last week it was the poor relative strength in the miners that hinted the correction had more to go in both time and price. This week, it was the miners failure at a confluence of resistance, even with Gold trading above $1300, that argued for more weakness ahead. While most of the damage has already been done, our work argues for more weakness before a buying opportunity.

Bitcoin Trading Alert: Bitcoin at Long-term Resistance

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 01:35 AM PDT

In short: no speculative positions. Bitcoin is now getting more attention as the currency has shot up in the last couple of weeks. In an article on Bloomberg,we read: It's happening again. Bitcoin has locked step with gold and taken to the skies as uncertainty about the U.S. election increases volatility in global markets. It is, in short, acting as a haven. (…) Aside from facing obsolescence and the threat of competing with actual currencies, the volatility of Bitcoin has to be off-putting for serious investors. During any given period, the digital currency swings three to five times more violently than gold, hardly the behavior expected from a haven asset.

Jack Chan: This Past Week in Gold

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 01:00 AM PDT

Technical analyst Jack Chan charts the latest movements in gold and silver, noting the markets will be volatile until the election is over.

Gold Will Win US Presidential Election 2016

Posted: 05 Nov 2016 12:55 AM PDT

Gold could rise to at least 8% following election Trump victory will push gold up 10% Uncertainty pre and post election likely to support the gold price Election jitters are one of several drivers for the gold price Trump win will release a ‘wave of risk aversion’ Safe-haven demand maybe set to rise in coming weeks

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